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What is First School of English?

We are London's best English language school and we are unique! 

We started when a group of teachers wanted to teach English in a new way. Now we teach English for conversation, for business, and for exams. We also teach English courses for professionals who want to register in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. 

Our students are from all over the world - from Europe, Asia, South America and Africa.

We use the latest methods to teach English, which are fun and fast!

Why learn with us?

We design your English course for you - it's unique! 

You learn by Skype or WhatsApp - it's faster and cheaper, and you can study any day or night - 24/7!

Your private tutor teaches you English. PLUS your tutor helps with your emails, work reports and essays. PLUS your e-books and materials are free. PLUS you get a Student Dropbox for your online work. 

We are experts

We are highly qualified (CELTA; DELTA; PGCE) and experienced in business, design, engineering, law and law enforcement, the media, and medicine. 

We teach English for exams (IELTS; TOEFL; Cambridge) and can help you at university.

We also teach English to professionals, like business pros, doctors, fashion designers, lawyers, media professionals, and military personnel.  

learning by Skype and WhatsApp

How do I learn by Skype or WhatsApp?

The way we learn English has changed! Now you can learn super fast with  smart apps like Skype and WhatsApp. So, you can study with your private tutor any day, any time, from your home or your office. It's easy! It's cheaper too: you pay less and you save time. Private lessons with a tutor start from just £6 for 60-minutes! 

Email us for a free appointment to find out how we can help you learn English fast.

Yes, it works!


Ling, who is 56 years-old from China, had two children when she started learning English: "I was very busy, so it took me longer to learn. But the Learning Co-Operative helped me to study hard." After just 7 months, Ling took an IELTS exam and scored 8.0. Now she is studying at a UK university.  

A unique course for every student!

Alessandra,  who is 29 years-old and from Italy, said: "I'm a fashion designer and I wanted to come to London to work. However, I needed to improve my English, so I joined the Learning Co-Operative and passed my Cambridge exam. Now I'm in London!"

For every professional, for every student!


Chris, a 36 year-old doctor from Greece, said: "I wanted to try working in the UK or Canada but I had to improve my English to score at least a 7.0 in an IELTS test. I joined the Learning Co-Operative and took just 13 weeks to pass my IELTS with a very good score. I'm working in  Canada now. I've recommended the Learning Co-Operative to my friends." 

Email us for a free chat by Skype or WhatsApp


We love our customers, so ask us for a free appointment! 

Talk to a First School tutor by Skype or WhatsApp and find out how you can learn English for business, conversation, IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge exams. It's free!

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