About Us

What is the Learning Co-Operative?

The Learning Co-Operative is unique. We began in 2005 when a group of English teachers joined together to teach English in a new and exciting way. No more old-style teaching! The Learning Co-Operative teaches English in a modern, dynamic way using interactive internet lessons, television, movies and live visits to exciting venues.  

Your English course is designed just for you and your special needs - it's unique. Every student is different, so every English course is different!

But why choose us?

We are teachers, so we love teaching. We want to help you, not make money. We are super flexible too: You join the Learning Co-Operative, buy time credits and choose when you study. 

Choose which day you have your lesson and what time, then choose how long your lesson will last: Select from a quick 30-minute lesson; a 60-minute lesson or a super-intense 90-minute lesson. 

You have the same tutor from Day One to the day you finish. Plus, your tutor is also your friend - ask for help any time, 24/7. Finally, all of your materials and reading books are free!

We are specialists

We are a unique. All our tutors are fully qualified (CELTA; DELTA; PGCE) with many years of teaching experience. Our tutors are also qualified in other professions, including medicine, law, journalism, engineering and design. So we help you learn exactly the right English you need to succeed in your career, at university, or in securing naturalisation/citizenship rights .