On the road with the migrant caravan

Thousands of migrants from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala are heading north hoping to find work and a better life in the US. 

It is the largest movement of Latin American people in decades and it is growing. Thousands more people are joining them but when they reach Mexico, unexpected things happen to the migrant caravan.

Follow their journey in this unique short movie.

Who is George Soros, the man a terrorist tried to blow up?

Last week, a terrorist sent bombs to President Trump's political enemies. Pipe bombs were sent to former president Obama, Hilary Clinton, actor Robert Di Niro, and billionaire investor George Soros. So who is George Soros and why do Trump supporters hate him? 

The English Magazine: I want justice after my sterilization

Josefina Quispe is one of thousands of indigenous Peruvian women who were forced into being sterilised as part of a government programme. In April 2018 Peru's state prosecutor ordered the former president Alberto Fujimori be charged over the sterilizations, but so far nothing has happened. Josefina told the BBC World Service what happened to her and how she will never give up the fight for justice. 

The English Magazine: Bad teeth, no insurance in Virginia

In Virginia, in the USA, hundreds of people gather at dawn in an airport parking lot. They queueing for free medical and dental care at the Remote Area Medical (RAM) pop-up clinic. They are among the 40 million Americans who don't have health insurance and many have driven for hours to have treatment on a painful toothache or heal infections. They are welcomed by hundreds of volunteers, doctors, dentists and even a Syrian refugee ready to help them. 

The world's most dangerous city to be a woman?

Papua New Guinea is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for women. Some estimates say that 70% of women there will be raped in their lifetime.

In the capital Port Moresby, we meet the men who believe violence against women is acceptable - and those women who say enough is enough.

The English Magazine: The artist who paints her own skin

South Korean artist Dain Yoon creates stunning illusions using makeup. She began by painting other people, then graduated to painting herself. She says her art reflects on the nature of self. 

The English Magazine: China's drag queen culture

Growing up in a small city in northeast China, Neil was obsessed with dressing himself in bed sheets and playing with dolls. When he was older he embraced his sexuality, taking his hobby for designing glamorous, handmade outfits from his home out onto the streets of China. Now he's linked up with the country’s thriving drag scene, finding solidarity among a group of queens embracing their creativity by designing and performing in lavish outfits. We met up with Neil and his friend Kris as they ge