The English Magazine: Grenfell: Unpacking your old life

The English Magazine: Deaf, blind & mighty: Helen Keller

To mark 50 years since Helen Keller's death, we take a look back at her remarkable story. At only 19 months old, illness left Keller blind and deaf. Yet she went on to become a powerful advocate for disability rights, women's suffrage and racial equality in the US. Her legacy is one of resilience and unshakable courage while her charity, Helen Keller international, founded in 1915, remains active across the world.

Four weddings: Not everyone marries a prince.

Not everyone marries a Prince. Follow four special weddings around the world from the point of view of the bride. Featuring a British woman unsure of the future, a soldier discharged from Iraq, a high society Indian wedding and a rural Romanian celebration, this is what really happens behind the scenes on the wedding day.  

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Plastics 101: Plastics and our future

National Geographic explains how  plastic was once a completely natural product but today it is man-made from fossil fuels. Learn how plastic is created and what we can do about the crisis of plastic pollution.

The English Magazine: The Santa Fe high school shooting

Santa Fe High School student Wesley Hill was in first period when his teacher told the class there was a boy shooting people with a gun and ordered them to hide. Less than 30 minutes later, 10 students were dead, at least 10 others were injured, and 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis had been arrested.  

For the next 72 hours Wesley documented what it was like for the survivors of the Santa Fe shooting. 

The English Magazine: Meet 10 year-old DJ Switch, music star

Erica Tandoh, better known as DJ Switch, is the youngest person to win the prestigious Ghana DJ award. The 10-year-old, who began DJing a year ago, attracts hundreds of people to her shows, which feature music, singing, dancing and even horses. Despite her love of music, Erica hopes to be a gynaecologist when she is older. 

The Englsih Magazine: HIV crisis on the US-Mexico border

The Rio Grande Valley has been at the frontline of some of the most controversial conflicts in US history. But it has also been at the frontline of another kind of conflict — an HIV epidemic affecting increasing numbers of young, queer, latino men.  

VICE went to the US-Mexico border to see why HIV is affecting increasing numbers of latinx youth, and to meet a small group of drag queens who are using their platform fight the stigma surrounding HIV head on. 

The English Magazine: Europe's refugee crisis

After a week of crisis, the rescue ship The Aquarius finally arrived in Spain with 629 refugees on board, including children and pregnant women. Italy had refused to allow the ship to dock, causing a row in Italy and within the European Union. 

This week, the Aquarius finally landed in Spain.We find out what happens next for the aid workers and refugees.

The English Magazine: The video that united Poland

Poland is facing a frightening rise in hate crimes against Jews, Muslims, refugees, gays, women and disabled people.  A campaign against hate-crimes in Poland decided to do something about it. 

They made a video watched by more than one million people. 

It showed a day in a local bakery as a Jew, a gay, a Muslim and a refugee make bread. When they give it to people, the ask the simple question: Does it taste the same as bread made by  a Polish baker? The answers united Poland. 

The English Magazine: Guatemala volcano

The Volcan de Fuego, or Volcano of Fire, in Guatemala, on Sunday, spewed a fountain of scorching-hot lava and thick clouds of black smoke and ash over several regions of the country. Victims, including children, struggle with the aftermath of the volcano eruption.  

The English Magazine: The British Museum makes chocolate

How to make 18th Century drinking chocolate. 

British Museum expert Tasha Marks  and master chocolatier Paul A. Young explain how chocolate first arrived in London as a delicious and how to make your own 18th century hot chocolate with a Mesoamerican twist. 

The English Magazine: Hollywood talks women's rights

100 years ago, women won the right to vote. 

Meryl Streep, Carey Mulligan and Nicole Kidman celebrate by discussing women's rights.  Meryl and Carey were appearing in the film Suffragette and Nicole was playing Rosalind Franklin in Photograph 51 in London's West End.

The English Magazine: Meet the nuns saving salamanders

Conservationists from Chester Zoo have an unusual partnership with nuns in a project to save salamanders from extinction.  The axolotl - a salamander that is unique to Mexico - has almost been wiped out of its freshwater habitat by pollution and over-fishing.  Now, scientists say that the nuns hold the key to bringing it back from the brink. Our science correspondent Victoria Gill has been to Mexico to visit this unique conservation convent. 

The English Magazine: Indian sex workers lose their bank

A bank for Mumbai’s sex workers has had to shut, leaving almost 5,000 women without banking options, as often they lack documents to open accounts in mainstream banks. 

The English Magazine: Vietnam bridge: walk in a god's hand

Fancy a stroll through a god's hands? Vietnam has unveiled its latest tourist attraction: the 150m-long Golden Bridge, perched on a mountaintop near the city of Danang. 

The English Magazine: Greek fires: 'I took my baby and ran'

Greek wildfires: 'I took my baby and ran towards the sea'

 Panagiotis Dagalos returns to his burned-out car in Mati, Greece, fearing his wife may have died, after running to the sea with their three-year-old to escape wildfires engulfing the area. Eighty people have died and 700 have been rescued as fires sweep across parts of Greece.

The English Magazine: Georgia's rave revolution

In May this year, riot police raided the country's most popular nightclubs prompting thousands of young Georgians to rave in the streets in protest. But the events also revealed an undercurrent - a clash between liberal youth and conservative far-right groups. 

The English Magazine: He is ready for a nuclear apocalypse

Ark Two Shelter contains over 50 rooms built into 42 buried school buses. At 10,000 sq ft (930 sq m), it is one of Canada's largest nuclear fallout shelters. 

The English Magazine: In a US court as refugees go on trial

Trump's  immigration policy has caused so many arrests that the courts are blocked. There are mass trials with up to 75 refugees.  In the past, refugees  were sent back to their home countries or and held with their family members in detention.  

Now, the U.S. brings criminal charges against every adult refugee . Now courts are so busy, attorneys spend less than five-minutes with a refugee clients. Worst, parents are separated from their children with no system to reunite them.