Can women save Sumo wrestling?

The crisis facing Japan's national sport. 

The ancient Japanese ritual of Sumo is in crisis. Only last week, a Mongolian wrestler was forced to retire after assaulting a teammate – but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Years of scandal and Japan's declining population, mean Sumo can't attract new talent.
But women might be the answer because despite women being banned from the Sumo fighting ring, young female fans are flocking to watch it like never before. 

'Food is porn and I'm a porn star'

'Food porn star' Indian chef gives fine dining a twist.

Gaggan Anand, the executive chef and owner of a two Michelin-starred Indian restaurant, uses hyper-modern cooking techniques to take Indian street food to new heights.  His self-named restaurant in Bangkok has topped Asia's best restaurants list for the past four years. 

The truth behind my fried chicken

Do you eat fried chicken? Do you feel sorry for the chickens that end up in a takeaway box? 

Each week, 20 million chickens are killed to feed people in the UK. But how do they get to our plates? Chicken lover Hezron Springer follows the journey from farm to deep fat fryer. 

I was a man but I became a woman at 81 years-old

Britain's oldest transgender woman talks about her life as a Royal Air Force flyer, a mechanic, a husband and a grandfather ... before she became woman. 

Ruth Rose underwent gender reassignment surgery aged 81 making her one of Britain’s oldest transgender people. She shares why it took her so long to make the change, and encourages everyone that it's never too late to be who you are. 

Brexit fears of children born in the EU, living in the UK

The voices of the children who are never heard in the argument about Brexit. What does Brexit mean for children who were born in the European Union but who live in the UK?

Iceland’s Banned TV Christmas Advert: Say hello to Rang tan

More than 670,000 people in the UK have signed a petition supporting a Christmas TV advert which has been banned for being 'too political'.  About 15 million people have watched it on Twitter.

The ad, by supermarket Iceland, uses a cartoon by the environmental campaign group, Greenpeace about a girl and an orangutan, whose home in the forest has been destroyed.

Orangutans are dying as tropical forests are cleared for oil, paper and palm-olive, which is used in everything from food to shamp

The English Magazine: America's destruction by drugs

The US government has seized enough of the opium drug fentanyl  to kill every single American. 

Last week, President Trump signed a new law to try to deal with the epidemic. He said: "Together we are going to end the scourge of drug addiction in America."  

It's a crisis that lines one major highway. These are the stories of Interstate-95. 

Women's health - living with non-stop pain

Women who suffer from Fibromyalgia live with terrible pain. It is a common but not well understood. It is seven times more likely to affect women than men. It is causes pain across your body and fatigue. It can  and can be difficult to diagnose. Journalist Lucy Hancock, who has Fibromyalgia, attends a movement class for sufferers to hear what it's like to live in constant pain. 

The English Magazine: Why does this town have so many twins?

Cândido Godói is a village of 7,000 people in the south of Brazil that has a phenomenal number of twin births. The rate is ten times higher than the national average, and no one knows why. A team of geneticists have been working with the community for a number of years, sampling DNA and learning about families, in an effort to solve the mystery.

The English Magazine: Making hair loss fashionable

A campaign called #Alopeciaisfashion wants to make hair loss more accepted and visible in the fashion world. It aims to make the condition more accepted in the fashion world and give a platform to models with hair loss. 

The English Magazine:Why there is a measles crisis in Europe

Cases of the dangerous disease, measles, have reached the highest level for 10 years in Europe, according to the World Health Organization. So what's going on? 

The English Magazine:Is Sweden really a happy, fair country?

Is there another side to the country usually thought of as fair and equal with good healthcare? Questions are being asked whether there is another side to the country usually thought of as fair and progressive, with good healthcare, welfare and gender equality. 

The English Magazine: I can't stop falling asleep

No, I'm not drunk or being rude - I've got narcolepsy. People point, laugh, and even use their phone to film me when I'm having sleep attacks.

Belle Hutt is 23, and suffers from severe narcolepsy. It’s a condition that causes her to fall asleep up to 15 times a day, as well as producing hallucinations. She now lives in Amsterdam with her boyfriend Maikel, and works as a personal trainer. Here, Belle talks about the origins of her narcolepsy, how other people react, and how she copes.

The English Magazine: a place where football is an escape

Veronica and her daughter suffered great hardship to be able to watch a World Cup game in peace. But it's only a short respite on a journey full of uncertainty. Video by Eléonore Hamelin who was a 2018 Adelante Latin America Reporting Fellow with the International Women's Media Foundation.

The English Magazine: Bionics and the future

Bionic technology is being used to make prosthetic limbs and is removing the physical barriers disabled people face. It also asks important  questions of what it means to be human. 

From DIY prosthetics made with  3D printing technology to AI-driven limbs.